About Stephanie

Stephanie Marwood, Certified Homeopathic Practitioner, provides safe, non-toxic and EFFECTIVE treatments for patients utilizing a variety of healing modalities and drawing from over 4000 naturally sourced remedies.

Working to foster both physical and emotional healing, Stephanie treats patients from two locations based in the rolling hills of Caledon. Known for her flexibility in making herself available to clients, she provides compassionate care “creating space for clients to feel comfortable while building a rapport that makes a world of difference” in the healing process.

A Graduate of The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine (now the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine) Stephanie has been practicing in the Caledon area for the past six years treating clients both in her home based clinic and through the Rosehaven Salon and Healing Centre in Bolton.

Well-respected and trusted in the field, Stephanie also acts as an Clinical Externship Supervisor for Year 2 and 3 students from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, helping them to earn valuable hands-on experience. Stephanie offers a variety of healing modalities including: • Homeopathy • Reiki • Therapeutic Touch • Hoponopono Hawaiian Healing • Cellular Level Healing.

Working for the greater good and the better health of her clients, it is important to Stephanie that her fees for services are affordable and fit most any circumstance or budget. A specialty program unique to her practice and offered at significant discount, is the “flat fee yearly acute program” allowing patients "unlimited" acute treatments for one year. Another added bonus, Stephanie also offers a 20% discount for patient referrals! Combining Reiki, reflexology on the hands and feet as well as Therapeutic Touch, Stephanie often employs these modalities in tandem as she works with a patient.

Compassionate, empathetic and generous she is also trained in both Cellular Healing (through visualization) and the rare art of Hoponopono, a “powerful system of using forgiveness as a tool toward healing.” With this breadth and depth of experience in the natural healing arts, Stephanie is confident that “once you experience the efficacy of homeopathy there is no going back!”