Ear Infections and Homeopathy Testimonial

After seeing my son suffer for 1 year with ear infection after ear infection and antibiotics back to back which lead to tubes being inserted into his ears I decided there had to be another way. I reached out to Stephanie Marwood for another alternative. With her guidance and remedies my son was able to get through ear infections without antibiotics and was better within 2-3 days. He now rarely suffers from ear infections and if he does I am able to clear them up within 1-2 days with Stephanie’s remedies and guidance in dosing. Stephanie was also able to clear up skin issues along with cleansing his body from all the antibiotics he took. I highly recommend Stephanie Marwood to anyone who is looking to heal their bodies.

BD Caledon East, Ontario


I am a new person! 

Unanswered questions and unresolved medical issues brought me to Stephanie Marwood who I now call my homeopath and friend. After having multiple surgeries and a blood transfusion I was left with skin issues, stomach and digestive problems along with a lack of energy and various other issues. I’ve now been with Stephanie for about three years and my life has completely changed, I am a new person. I no longer have skin or stomach issues and my quality of life and energy levels are renewed. I can honestly say I am now mentally, emotionally and physically balanced. I have also gained peace and clarity in many areas of my life and have found positive energy through Stephanie Marwood. I now understand that the mind must be healed in order to heal the body, I will forever be grateful to Stephanie for all her guidance, healing and support. I highly recommend Homeopathy and Stephanie Marwood to anyone who is looking to heal their body, mind and soul.
Forever grateful.
 Beverly,Caledon East, Ontario